Do you offer Telehealth?

Definitely, Telehealth is a great addition to primary care! We offer the choice of video or in-person visits for every appointment.


Does Zephyr Health accept my insurance?

Zephyr Health is a concierge membership-based primary care practice. We have opted out of insurance utilization and charge an annual fee. By choosing not to contract with the insurance companies, we are able to spend more time listening to you and making a plan together to decide what is best for your care.


What many people don’t realize is that your time with your doctor is dictated by the insurance company along with how they think we should provide care. This results in patients feeling like a number, not a person.


Depending on your insurance (commercial insurance NOT medicare) you may be able to submit documentation to your insurance company for reimbursement from an out-of-network provider however it is up to your policy and plan whether anything will be covered.


 What are the membership benefits?

  • 24/7 direct access to your provider, anytime you need them.
  • More time together- our practice offers varying appointment times from 30-90 minutes, or longer if needed.
  • Comprehensive, evidence-based primary care throughout your lifetime.
  • Proactive (not reactive) medicine- a focus on wellness and disease prevention to keep you in your best health.
  • Guaranteed same-day or next business day urgent visits.
  • Access to telehealth or home visit as needed
  • Fluids and in-office medications are available when appropriate, to prevent urgent care or ER visits.
  • Care navigation of laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals, and hospital services billed to your insurance as usual.
  • Patient portal to keep you up-to-date with your health.



Who is the best fit for this type of model of care?


  • People who want more time with their provider to discuss their health and feel heard.
  • Someone who wants to build a lifelong relationship with their provider.
  • Patients with complex care needs who desire a provider that can serve as a medical home and care navigator.
  • Women looking for gender-specific care who want care from a certified menopause provider.
  • Women with low desire or painful sex.
  • People who want a physician’s office that is relaxing, comfortable, and healing.


Are there any additional options for non-members?


Zephyr Health has additional options for patients who are not interested in membership at this time. We offer specialty care consults such as menopause, sexual health, breast cancer risk assessments, pre-operation physicals and more. These are charged on a per visit consultation fee.



If you don’t take insurance, then why do you want my insurance information?


While we do not utilize your insurance for billing, it is helpful to have your insurance on file. We send this information to the lab or with referrals as needed. We can also assist with prior authorizations when needed for medications or procedures. If you don’t have insurance, then we can help find affordable testing and medications.


Do you also see males?


Yes! We are proud to see all adults under the rainbow. We want to serve as a safe medical home to support our patients regardless of their gender.



Why would I want a menopause specialist?


Menopause impacts every system in the body and is often complex to navigate. Dr. Gelderman found that best approach to tailor care for her patients is engaging in deep conversations about symptoms and treatment options. In a traditional practice, providers are not able to allow the necessary time to explore the needs of their patients and many are simply untrained in the needs of pre and post-menopausal women.


Why would I need care for low sexual desire?


It is assumed that low desire is a relationship problem but the fact is that desire is mediated by chemistry in the brain. While low desire does impact our relationships, the treatment is medical. Both women and men have multiple treatment options. Treatment should start with a comprehensive evaluation and discussion within a multi-disciplinary team.


Doesn’t everyone have pain with intercourse?

No! The reasons for pain with intercourse are complex and should be evaluated by someone with specialized sexual health training by an organization like ISSWSH. There are many different solutions depending on the cause.





 Femilift is Here!

Internal Vaginal Treatment

What does it treat?

Post menopause vaginal dryness

Dysparunia (Painful sex)

Sexual dissatisfaction

Urinary urgency and incontinence

Vaginal laxity

Who are Ideal candidates?

 1. Menopausal patients who are suffering from vaginal dryness or urgency or pain with intercourse.

2. Cancer patients who have undergone premature menopause 

3. Females who have given birth to children and are experiencing vaginal laxity

4. Patients not liking or not tolerating medications

How does it work?

Co2 technology is both thermal and ablative. By creating micr-ablative zones within the tissue, physicians are able to tone and rebuild collagen. Patients describe the treatment as virtually pain free. 


Pain level: virtually painless

Side effects:mild vaginal discharge for 1-3 day

Treatment time: less then 30 min

Results longevity: 1 year or more

How many treatments are required: 3 for best results

Downtime: about 72 hrs post treatment time

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Additional Services

Available Services


Meet and Greet

This is a free opportunity to see if you fit with me and find my approach right for you. We will not be dicussing your individual care at this appointment


Initial visit

I suggest to schedule 60 min and come with your paperwork filled out so we can send the time focusing on your and your needs. Together we will do a comprehensive overview of all your symptoms and history and develop a tailor made plan for you. 

Follow up

This is typically a follow up appointment to discuss side effects and response. We will adjust care and treatment as indicated. Typically 30 minutes. 


Vulva Talks

This is a free 1 hour class with vulvar education that is pleasure positive. 


Menopause Consultation

This is best for the stable menopause patient who is known to me and wants to continue treatment or has small adjustments.


follow up consult appointment $175

Sex Medicine Consultation

Sometimes sexual dysfunction or issues with desire are part of menopause or not. You deserve an evidence based evaluation and treatment.

$300 and follow up $175